after the weekend: dinosaur world, a pajama party and the big game

Oh my goodness, what a weekend! The dinosaur exhibit that we went to on Sunday was sooooo cool. Adri screamed (with joy) the whole time and ran around like a crazy person. She kept growling "grrrrrr" at the dinosaurs and it was the cutest. It seemed a bit on the pricey side to me ($20.00 a person for adults, and any activities or rides was another $5.00 each) since there was only about an hour of walking around to do. But it was well worth it to see the fun Adri had. I took lots of pictures and quite a few videos.

I was ready for my picture to be taken and Adri was ready to run some more. Parenting is rarely a win-win situation, I've discovered.

The dinosaurs actually moved around and made noise. Some were pretty scary, but for the most part they were were on the tame side. 

Then there was the pajama party at the library on Saturday morning! I ended up taking Alice with us and got quite a few pictures of the event. Here above we have my awesome boss and one of my co-workers, showing off their bedtime style :) 

Adri and her friend London hanging out and being silly. Seriously though, London is so sweet to Adriana, and in turn Adri worships her. No kidding.

Story time. A lot more people arrived about ten minutes later. This was the early bird crew. 

Last night we were keeping track of the game and then when the score was 3-28 we were kind like, "okay, we're done. We know how this ends", and turned a movie on. I guess all the action happened after that? Boo hoo. Oh, well, I read up on it this morning. Go Patriots! 

It's another Monday and as usual I have Monday plans for the day. Packages to mail out (oh, that reminds me, some new goodies are in the Shop!), plants to water, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, and floors to vacuum.

This week is going to be a bit busy; I have a prenatal appointment on Wednesday, Adam's birthday is on Thursday (I always make him a cheesecake), and I have a few photo related things on my to-do list. 

Today I'm also planning on working a little clothing project for Adri Rose I have some doubts on how'll it works out though, so we'll have to see how it goes.  

Have a wonderful and productive Monday! 


  1. How fun seeing your library. I love taking our little grandson, Grayson, to story time at our library. Wishing you a blessed week Rosie.


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