Adriana Rose at Twenty Months

Our sweet little Adri Rose is twenty months old this month, although to tell the truth she's currently closer to twenty-one months than twenty months at this moment (she turned twenty months on the 1st of February). But I always say, better late than never, right? Right.

Anyway. Adri is still our happy, healthy, healthy little wild woman. She loves laughing, tickles, playing outside, eating cheerios, bathes and dancing.
Just recently she started talking way more and now we can understand pretty much everything she says. She's always addresses a person by name now too, so it's "Mama" this, and "Dadda" that.
Another current favorite right now Winnie The Pooh. She LOVES Pooh (and pronounces it "Phew"!). It's hard to believe that something, anything, could possible replace her beloved Sofia, but Pooh has.

We've entered the drawing stage and as cute as it is it's also a bit of pain. I love my little lady's artwork, I just don't love it on the walls and furniture. We've been working on teaching her what's safe to draw on and what's not, but she still seems to think it's way more fun to color on things instead of paper. Sigh.

Adriana's favorite food list is still pretty much the same: Beans, noodles, crackers, cheese sticks, fruit, avocados, peas, broccoli, pizza, bacon, and sausage.

We still read all the time. Of course "Pooh" books are the favorite, but she also has a bunch of little princess books that she got from her Grammy and Pa for Christmas and those are read at least a couple times a day as well as anything Pooh related.

We talk all the time about Baby Bump, because even though she has no concept whatsoever of who Bump is, hearing her say "Bump" in her tiny little voice in the cutest thing.

I'm excited that we are moving right as the weather gets nicer out because Adri still loves being outside and would happily play out there for hours. Having our own yard makes that much easier to do than hanging out at the playground for hours at a time.

Adriana Rose, you are our little flower. Our precious bundle of joy. You are so loved.


  1. What a beautiful little girl, and what a fortunate one to have come to just the right family!


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