12 Weeks

Finally, the first pregnancy update!
At long last I'm at 12 weeks. Just one week left and the first trimester is OVER. I can't wait.
It's amazing how much faster it goes the second time around. I guess having a toddler is a great way to keep things busy.

The bump is showing much sooner than it did with Adri (to be expected, of course) and in the last week or so it's really started popping out. 

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: about 2 inches long. Basically the size of a lime.

Sleep: I sleep great and I am not looking forward to when the belly gets in the way of being comfy.

Cravings: not really any cravings. More like things I can and can't eat. Fruit, veggies, pizza and eggs are all things I can eat most of the time. The list of foods I can't eat is much longer...

Baby movement: nothing yet, but since I first felt Adri kicking around this time  I'm thinking any day now we'll feel the first flutters.

Gender: we won't find out until around 19 weeks.

Best moment this week: hearing the baby's heartbeat! I had my 12 week appointment and the report was everything looks good, and both mama and baby are healthy.


  1. Oh Rosie....look at you--- you are adorable. Love your precious baby bump. You and Adam make me proud of the way you parent little Adri. Love your loving and kind hearts that take you through life. I'm old enough to be your mama and I love seeing this in you and Adam.
    Happy weekend to you sweet Rosie.

    1. Thank-you so much for your sweet words, Cathy :) Your comments always brighten my day. ox

  2. Oh that's incredible! Congratulations!

  3. hey Mama. Where's that big beautiful grin of yours?? Are you looking at the belly? That cute little thing? Miss you and love you.

    1. Just looking at the belly ;) It's getting big! lol Love and miss you too :) oxoxox

  4. Have you stopped blogging now? I go to this new website, but see no new posts. Hope all is well with you!

    1. I'm still blogging! We are in the process of moving (it all happened really fast and I'm going to post about it soon) and so am taking a week or so off blogging because I have SO much packing too do, and between packing and work just don't have the time to blog.
      I'll be back soon though!

  5. Somehow I have missed your posts in my reader - and I have missed so much! You are expecting, and moving - right now! Many blessings on all these momentous life events. I will try to keep up better... somehow... :-)


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