the past few days: at the doctor's, trip away, and back home again

Hello, hello! I feel like I've been missing in action, even though it was just one day that I didn't blog. Friday ended up just being plain straight out busy and not only did I not have time to write a post, but I also didn't really have anything to write about (and I always try not post only for the sake of posting).
Friday afternoon we made a (very) last minute decision to drive up to see Adam's parents for the weekend. Although it was a good idea, the mistake we made was driving up at night, right before Adri's bedtime. She woke up when we got there at 7:30pm and didn't go to sleep until 4am. It was a looooong night.
Part of the reason that she couldn't fall asleep may have been do to us opening Christmas presents when we arrived. Adri got so many wonderful, fun toys that she didn't know what to do with herself. She kept running around, opening them, saying "thank-you, thank-you" over and over. Cutest thing ever.

At the dentist Thursday afternoon, waiting for Adam to come out. My munchkin and I got fries and burgers and hung out together. 

Before talking more about our trip, here's a cute picture of my pal at the doctor's (for a check-up). I love that they have books for little ones there. It's the only thing Adri likes about the doctor's office. 
p.s, she's healthy, hearty, growing like a weed, and got a clean bill of health :) 

Saturday morning Adam's parents took us out to breakfast. This place has the best omelets-it's what I order every time I go!

Saturday afternoon we made our way over to Julie and Chad's to hang out. A few other friends joined us there and we had yummy stir fry for lunch and played Uno (it's amazing how competitive that game can get!).

Let's play a game of who can spot the puppy? It was a super cute little one named Ruby...

Adri made up for lost sleep and took a long two hour nap. Thankfully on Saturday night she was back on schedule and went to sleep at her usual bedtime.

waking up next to my favorite people is the best.

Adri and Grandma hanging out together. 

Now we are back home. Adam took the day off work, and I have the day off (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). I have a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do. All the house plants are in desperate need of watering and I have an inbox full of messages needing to be read and answered. 

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. So fun reading about your weekend. Sounds busy, but very nice.

    Love all the pictures.

    Wishing you a blessed week Rosie.


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