Garlic Pasta Bowl

 Sometimes all you really need is a nice big bowl of pasta. At least, I know I do. In the hot summer days I tend to not eat as much pasta (or more often I have it cold, in salads) but as soon as chilly weather hits there's just something about a big bowl of hot buttery goodness that can't be beat.
Here's one of my favorite ways to eat it. Full of garlic, butter and cheese (you really just have to ignore the carbs and go with it on this one).

Amounts vary on this. Add more or less veg, a lot of pasta or a little, etc. There's really no "right" way to make this.

You will need:

a nice big bowl.
angel hair pasta.
chopped onion.
diced garlic;
canned mild diced tomatoes and green chilies (drained well).
fresh grated Parmesan cheese (Stella is our favorite brand).
chopped fresh basil.

To make:

Saute garlic and onion, when done add in the tomatoes and basil and cook for another few minutes until the basil is wilted.
Cook and drain pasta. Toss well with lots of butter.

Grab your bowl, and starting adding pasta and veggies. Toss everything well and sprinkle with cheese, salt and pepper.

bon appetit!