Dreary January Days

May I just take a moment to complain about the weather? January really is my least favorite month. I think this cold, wet, dark, long month is finally getting to me. Yup, January I'm officially over you. February, you are welcome any day now.
On the bright side of things (it may not sound like it but I am trying hard to stay in a positive frame of mind)  we've been taking our vitamin D daily, I have a few new books to read that I just got last night at work, if it's stops raining we'll try to take a short walk, we're going to bake some banana bread at some point, and the little sisters are coming over later to spend the day.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. Good day for knitting dishcloths!

    1. Yes, that's the one nice thing about long winter days--plenty of time for knitting! lol


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