after the weekend: just what the doctor ordered

Hello everyone, and thank-you so very much for all your sweet congratulations on our news this past Friday! Reading all your kind words on here, Instagram, and Facebook truly made my weekend.

After all my complaining about the weather it must have heard me, because we had a beautiful past two days. 
It was so nice out that I took Adri to the playground twice (have to take advantage of the sunshine when you get it). Saturday afternoon we went with sister Julia and brother Stan Lee to one the next town over, and then yesterday Adam and I took her to the one down the road from us. Poor thing, she cried her eyes out when we left. 

See that face? That's pure joy right there. Joy because she's at her favorite place for the first time in a couple months, and there's sunshine, and it's warm out as well. 

On Sunday morning Julia and I decided to go for a little drive and do some fun "girl" shopping. We went to lunch at Taco Bell (I could live at that place. No joke--I'd move right in), got some cute new shirts at Kohl's, and went to Target, of course. On our way home we stopped for frozen yogurt. It was Adri's first time and she's officially a fan. She loved the chocolate yogurt and the strawberries. 

All weekend we made yummy food. Well, I say we, but it was mostly Adam. I was sick on and off and other than making a pot of clam chowder (pictured above) on Saturday, he did the majority of the cooking. Reason #102 why he's on my favorite list ;)

Last night we re-watched The Martian. Even though it's a long movie (I think over two and a half hours) it still one of the best ever. I think I could watch it all over again today. The filming is incredible, and the storyline intense, but inspiring. There's really not even one moment during the whole movie when you're not sitting on the edge of your seat. 

I can't believe it's already Monday. The weekends fly by wayyy too fast! My house looks like a bomb site right now and the sad news is I'm not kidding. If you watch my Insta stories (I tend to post there more often than on SnapChat right now) you might just see a glimpse of the disaster. Then again, you might not. We'll have to see ;) 

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. YES....weekends go by too fast. I sure treasure them. I've not heard of that movie...I looked it up and read about it~sounds very good.

    Have a blessed week sweet Rosie. Again...sure happy for you, Adam and little Adri.


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