Adriana Rose at Nineteen Months

Our little Adriana Rose is nineteen months old. As I always say, the time is flying by way too fast. Just think, she's going to be a big sister soon!
We are starting to believe that Adri is hitting the Terrible Two's early. Yup, she's a handful. For some time now she yells something at us whenever we take away something and/or tell her "no". Come to find out she's been saying "You're mean!" this whole time. Yeahhhhhhh.

She's still a super happy little thing (as long as we don't tell her no!) and laughs a lot.

These days her favorite thing to do is still read, and she loves bath time, and drawing (don't get me started on all the walls she has drawn on), and dancing. She still sings a lot too.

Since she's nursing way less she's started eating way more. She loves veggies (carrots, peas, broccoli, and beans), noodles, eggs, cheese sticks, baked potatoes, and her pouches.

Her favorite stuffed animal is still George, and she now loves baby dolls as well. She's as obsessed with balls as she ever was, she even has a big one that I drew a face on and she pushes around in her baby carriage!

She says a lot of words (not that we always understand her) now too. Mostly single ones, but a few sentences as well.

The sleeping thing has been a bit up in the air though. Either she's skipping naps and barely sleeping at night, or she's taking three hour naps and sleeping ten hours through the night. It's like I just can't win.

Adri Rose, our silly little munchkin!

A little sample of Posie's daily schedule:

  • 7am--wakes up and has a bit of milky.
  • 8am--breakfast time.
  • 9am--helps mommy clean the house.
  • 10am--plays
  • 11am--naps from some point here until the afternoon (at least that's what happens when everything goes according to plan).
  • 2pm--plays some more.
  • 3pm--daddy comes home and we eat dinner.
  • 4pm--everyone is hanging out.
  • 5pm--if it's a work night then I'm off to work and Adri hangs out with daddy. If I'm not working then it's bath time.
  • 6pm--watches some Sofia the First.
  • 7pm--gets ready for bed.
  • 8pm--bedtime (or so we hope).
::photos from at the playground last Saturday::


  1. My kids all went through 'testing two's' early. Be consistent and it will settle down. We also tried to make sure we said yes, whenever possible, so that when we had to say no, it was not frustrating for them.

    She's so darling. Hope your feeling better!

  2. What a sweetie! Cannot believe how fast she's grown! Enjoy these years they go by so fast. There is both something hard or challenging and beautiful in each stage of growth. ❤


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