Winter Bucket List: 2016

Oh, my, I still can't believe that we are already in December now! This is year is fast drawing to an end. 
Here's my bucket list for Winter this year. So far I've been pretty good about crossing off things I have/had planned for each month and I'm hoping Dec. is no exception, because we have a lot of fun stuff planned! 

+make egg nog. and drink a lot of it.
+wrap all the gifts. I have everything bought and now I just have to get wrapping.
+do some holiday baking. 
+send out our christmas cards. I waited until I got a really good deal (three coupon codes!) before ordering them {from my favorite photo printing place}. 
+try some new recipes. it's easy for us to get stuck in a food rut around here and I'm determined to not let that happen.
+make snow ice cream.
+put up our tree!
+take Adri out sledding. she hasn't really gone sledding yet. it was too cold and windy to go out when we did have snow and now it's all gone. sledding is an important part of winter!
+go see the new Star Wars movie in the theater with Adam. we went on a date last year and saw The Force Awakens in theaters. Gotta do that again.
+keep lots of candles lit.
+a week without a television. yep, that's right. Adam and I have been talking about taking a week this month and not using the t.v (shows, movies and video games are all out too). I really think it would be good for us. we'd read more and probably spend more time together, visiting and playing board games. got to wait until the Westworld finale is out though...
+go on a winter hike.
+build a little indoor fort with Adri and spend all day reading books and hanging out in it.
+handwrite cards and letter. with computers, texting, and facebook it's easy to not handwrite stuff. I'd like to get better at sending out actual mail. once upon a time I used to do that and I need to start doing it again. 
+hygge, all winter long.

Happy First of December! 


  1. Thanks for sharing the concept of hygge! I just might try this out all winter long!
    And, what kind of holiday baking are you planning to do? Just curious!

    1. Carissa, we make cinnamon raisin bread, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and gingerbread. This year we are also going to make shortbread!

  2. I love your winter list Rosie. We had a Danish foreign exchange student and he taught us all about hygge.
    Such a warm and cozy feeling.
    Hugs and blessings!!

    1. Cathy, how wonderful that you were able to open your home! I'm sure you learned some interesting things about life in Denmark from your visitor :) oxox

  3. I've read about hygee. It's a lovely concept! Trying to apply it!:) your baking list sounds good too! Stay warm!


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