these days...

1. adriana is in love with the tree.
2. my man brought me home a christmas cactus and a baby fir tree the other day. and they made me oh so happy.
3. babies sleeping are the sweetest thing ever.
4. chai tea making class at the library. i need to go to the market and stock up on the spices so I can make my own at home now.
5. hot chocolate making (for gifts, and for us).
6. an adam-made dinner. steak and fingerlings.
7. little sis works on presents.
8. snowy afternoon crafting.

and that's what we've been up to lately. that and wrapping presents, listening to christmas music, having dance parties in the livingroom, watching A Christmas Story, and eating way too much chocolate.


  1. Lovely everything! I love chai. What recipe do you use? I have also heard of dirty chai... no idea what that is. Starbucks has an Oprah chai with black pepper. Good! Have a great day!:)

  2. beautiful things.i love plants myself..


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