snow and stripes

Lately I've been driving Adam nuts by being on a cleaning spree. It's just that I feel the need to be cleaning and cleaning up messes constantly. He's blaming hormones and I'm blaming the weather (and being cooped up indoors). I'm sure in reality it's probably both ;)

Anyway, yesterday all this cleaning resulted with me emptying out my (precious) studio and turning it into a little play corner for Adri Rose. It was well worth the sacrifice though to see the joy on her little face when she spotted her new nook and started playing in it. Plus the living room is much more tidy (much to my great joy!), so I guess we're happy all 'round.

It's snowing outside my windows right now. I'm drinking coffee (it's a new kind that Adam got me for Christmas) and planning my morning out.
Later my friend Alyson is coming over for a visit. I met her when I moved back here after Vermont, and we were both working at the same dairy farm, and we've been friends ever since.
Tonight I'm making steak, veggies and rice for dinner. I have to remember to go get the steaks marinating though. 

Now I'm off to water plants, wash dishes, and clean some more (just kidding...well, not really...).

Have wonderful Thursday! 

outfit details: shirt is old, and I'm not quite sure where from, jeans are Levis, and boots are from Eastland. 


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