life lately+plans for the weekend

I figured it was about time for a little "life" update, so here you go!
Things have been busy in our neck of the woods. The other day I pulled out all the Christmas ornaments, got busy decorating and now The Loft is looking all bright and festive. We were planning on putting up our tree this weekend, but since it looks like we'll be busy we might just end up waiting until next weekend to get it.

All the mountains of snow that we got last weekend have already melted. We are supposed to get some more on Sunday though, and then it's going to snow off and on all next week. I don't really mind too much though. Everything is cozy here inside and a White Christmas doesn't sound bad at all.

Speaking of cozy, Adri and I have been stretching our mornings out by curling up in bed each day, reading, talking, and (me) drinking coffee before getting up. She has this toddler bible that she loves and we read a few pages of that together before starting our day.

We've been watching Christmas movies this past week. Julia and I watched An Avonlea Christmas together on Tuesday night and then I watched it again with the little girls yesterday. We also watched Frosty and of course Adri loved it--she watched it twice in a row!

Later today Julia and I are going to go see Fantastic Beasts in the theater (we're catching a matinee and the Wee One is being babysat by the aunties). I've heard great stuff about it and can't wait.

Adam and I both have work tomorrow. Him in the morning, and then me in the afternoon. 
Our town is having it's Winter Celebrations and there's stuff going on all day long. There's a horse drawn carriage ride that loops around the block that I think I'm going to take Adri on.  

I have a great big turkey that I'm planning on cooking up Sunday for dinner (Adam got it from work). I've made a list of every meal I can think of that includes/uses turkey but I have a feeling we will still be tired of turkey by the end of next week. If you have any good tried and true turkey recipes, please share! 


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    1. Oh, yes! Dumplings are a favorite around here. Yes, I'll have to make some for sure :)

  2. Turkey crepes! I made them from this website:
    And they turned out sooo good! Even my toddler were begging for more. :)

    1. Thanks, Carissa! I'm heading over right now to check the recipe out :)

  3. Sounds so lovely! Have a great week!

  4. Of course I loved this post Rosie :) The snow is beautiful and the way you enjoy the simple pleasures is beautiful! Blessings from Tennessee


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