Adriana Rose at Eighteen Months

Whatever happened to my tiny baby? My little one is fast on her way to turning two now! I can honestly say that while parenting is easily the hardest job in the world it's also the also the most rewarding.

When I started writing "Adri Updates" I originally only planned on twelve of them, one for each month of her first year. However it's been so wonderful to look back and re-read about what she was doing at each age (how is it that we forget little details so fast?) that I seem to just keep writing. I'm sure at some point they'll come to an end, but for the time being I'll just keep coming out with a new one each month ;)

At eighteen months Adriana Rose is still the happiest of little souls. Although, to be completely honest, she does have a pretty quick temper and the fits are coming on hot and heavy lately. Sigh. On the bright side she is pretty easy to distract when those do happen.
She's got some many teeth now I've lost count long ago. She has a big smile and she talks up a storm.
She loves kitties, puppies, bathes, walks, playing outside, reading books, watching Curious George, eating noodles and broccoli (her favorite food), hide and seek, and much, much more.
She's so cuddly too. She loves snuggling up in my lap or curling up in bed with me. We whisper secrets and I tell her stories.

Our girl has good rhythm! If she hears music she'll start dancing away to it. Also, she sings all the time. The other morning I had turned on some Frozen/Tangled songs for her to listen to while I cleaned and all the sudden I hear "let it go, let it goooo" being belted out in a tiny little voice. I'm telling you, sooo stinkin' cute.
She's also a fan of twirling like a "princess" while listening to music. Sometimes she gets to twirling so much she'll get dizzy and we'll have to catch her before she tumbles over!

Oh, little Adriana Rose, we love you so, our sweet baby girl.


  1. Love this update on precious Adri. She is such a beautiful baby girl and you and Adam the best of parents.

    Love to you all!!

  2. Darling Posie! She's just getting to the testing stage - "do mommy and daddy really mean what they said? They meant it all the other times but do they mean it this time?" 😊

    She's a beauty!


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