A Week Of Style: Day Two

Good  morning everyone! We have piles and piles of snow outside and it's been chilly. However, since our tree is up everything is sparkly and warm inside-just the way I like it. 
The past couple nights have been long ones. On Sunday night Miss Posie took a 3 hour nap at 5:00pm and didn't go back to sleep until 2am, and last night she was up until almost 1:00am. If anyone has good ideas of how to make a toddler sleepy I'd really love to hear them...
Thankfully we don't really have anything planned for today, other than cleaning, book reading, watering plants, etc. I do have to venture out in the cold for a (very short) walk down the street to mail out some Shop packages at some point, but otherwise I think our day will be a much-needed slow one.

Happy Tuesday! 

Outfit details// shirt is from 21 Men (and is so wonderful-it's kinda like wearing a warm hug!) and jeans are Levis. Both are thrifted.


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