a handmade christmas+deer that run into you.

This year I made way less gifts then I usually do. Between my sewing machine being broken, having an active toddler, and life being overall pretty busy I seemed to just not get around to making much. I did sew/knit/make/draw a few things though. And now that Christmas is over I'm finally able to share them.

1. princess crowns and wands (you'll recognize one of them from the giveaway I hosted awhile back).
2. a last minute Charlie Brown picture for my man.
3. tiny babies for Adri's stocking. I had also added streamers to the wands by this point.
4. felt ornaments.
5. homemade hot chocolate.
6. a drawing for one of the brothers.

Adam called me this morning on his way into work, to let me know that he was hit by a deer (yes, around these parts the deer hit us). He's fine but the back door of the car is smashed in and the driver mirror is torn off. This means the car has to go in for repairs and we get stuck with a $500.00 co-pay. Neither of which are going to be fun. Sigh. Oh, well, I'm trying hard to be positive, but it's all just a leeeetle frustrating. 

It's cold around here. We still have a bit of snow, but mostly just a lot of ice everywhere. I'm drinking coffee right now, but in a few minutes I'm going to go get busy with my morning. Watering plants, planning dinner, cleaning the house, a trip to the post office, etc. 

So. That's my morning so far. How about yours?

p.s the deer was fine and ran back off home ;)


  1. Oh rosie so sorry about the deer hitting your dear! So glad hes ok...Wonderful handmades! Take it easy today and enjoy the coziness and your loved ones.

    1. Hi Christina, I'm just so happy he didn't get hurt! It's a little frustrating about the car, but I guess that kinda thing happens ;)

  2. SO sorry about the accident!! But glad he is ok!! We too have had a deer accident...it walked out from behind the truck in the other lane...staggered is the better term, right in front of hubby. THEN, when hubby hit it, instead of flying up into his windshield...it went down the road ahead of him...and he was able to stop before hitting it again...it died obviously. Did damage to the left front of car, but it was fixed. Part of living in "deer country". We now have TWO sets of deer whistles we have installed on all our cars...and no more problems...we have seen them pull their heads up sharply when approaching them...so they do seem to hear the whistles (you have to go 35 mph I think for them to work)...might consider installing some of them on the front of your car now...esp. TWO of them...louder!! Heh...humans cannot hear them.

    1. Oh, dear! I'm so glad your hubby wasn't hurt! That's a great idea about the whistles. I'll have to look into them--thanks for the advice! This same thing happened last year to us and it really isn't fun at all. Such a pain, AND I'm worried that one day one of us is actually going to get hurt!
      Have a lovely day :)


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