blog notes: {the day after} Halloween 2016

Outside my window: it's early right now (7:00am) and our little town is starting to wake up. Traffic is driving by my windows and the sun is rising.

I am thinking: 
that now that Halloween is over I really need to start planning Christmas-y stuff. No, I'm not skipping Thanksgiving I just like to have all my gifts made/wrapped/bought by the beginning of Dec.

I am thankful: 
for family. we had such a fun time dressing up and roaming the town trick-or-treating last night!

In the kitchen: for dinner tonight I'm throwing some steaks in the crock-pot with cream of mushroom soup. Toward the end I'll toss some broccoli in to cook with it and serve everything over buttered noodles.

I am wearing: gray leggings, black tank, cozy sweater and a top knot...I'm still drinking my first cup of coffee and not really on top of my game yet, you guys ;)

I am creating: I've been knitting wash clothes/dish clothes lately. Some for presents and some just for me.

I am going: to get up and clean my house. Messy is an understatement. We pulled out my huge costume bin last night and kinda just threw everything everywhere while dressing up. My house is in shambles.

I am wondering: 
what the weather is going to be today. Adri and I have been missing our daily walk the past two weeks due to rain and/or cold.

I am reading: Julie and Julia (by Julie Powell). It's my second time reading it since it's too good to be a one-time-read.

I am hoping: it doesn't make us bad parents that we ate half of our child's candy after she went to bed last night. It's not like I was going to let her eat it anyway, you know. You know??

I am looking forward to:
Thanksgiving is coming up now (in just a few weeks!) and we are celebrating it with Adam's family this year. We haven't been up there since May so we're pretty excited about seeing them!

I am hearing: the fish tank water bubbling, baby is talking to me, and traffic driving by my windows.

Around the house: read the above (messy, messy, messy).

I am pondering: the fact that I keep thinking today is Friday. I'm all thrown off on my days since I didn't work last night (I took the night off so I could join in the candy haul).

Dorothy (and Toto), The Karate Kid and a Black Rider.


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