Salt Dough Ornaments

Every year around Thanksgiving/Christmas time we pull out the flour and salt and mix up a big batch of Salt Dough. Even though we made a bunch of stuff this past week I think I'm going to make another batch and use Adri's  hands and foot prints to make some presents (grandparents seem to love that kinda thing).

Our never-fail recipe is easy:

  • Mix 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of white flour and 1 cup of lukewarm water in a bowl until you have a nice stiff dough.
  • Go to town cutting out shapes, prints, sculptures, etc. 
  • Place on a un-greased cookie sheet and bake in a 200 degree oven until they are completely dried out. 
  • Let sit oven night before painting (I always go back and forth between the non-painted/painted look--this year the painted look won).
*make sure if you are planning on hanging them on a ribbon (either for the wall or the tree) you poke a hole for the yarn to go through before baking them*


  1. very cool! I will probably do this with Vinny. I liked your hotroot soup. I made it with Emilie! We used leeks instead of garlic and onion and it was soooooooo good. Love you


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