after the weekend: hiking, cooking, reading and work

Friday we went over to the playground for a little while since it was nice outside and sunny. Adri ran about happily and I manged to snap a couple photos.
After Adam got home with the car I took Adri to the store to do  the weekly grocery shopping.
Saturday was Guy Fawkes Day! Stan Lee came over and we had eggy in a basket for breakfast since it's kinda a tradition around here.
Once I got home from work (Adam had work early, came home, and then I headed to work) we took things easy and I made bacon wrapped steaks, steamed cabbage and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner.
Sunday morning we took a hike at the local nature center. It was chilly out but we bundled up and it was a lovely frosty hike :) Back home again after the adventure, we worked on some projects, threw a roast in the oven, cleaned the house, read books, and watched a couple episodes of The Crown (super good!).

Now we're back to the week (how is it that weekends fly by so fast?) and I've been up since 6am (thanks, Daylight Savings!) with the Wee One.
I can see frost on my window panes and we have candles lit and the heat on. I have a house to only kinda pick up since (surprise, surprise) it's not very messy this morning. I have some crafty, Christmas-y sort of things to work on today and other than work later there's not too much happening in the Loft today.

Have a wonderful Monday! 


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