a photo every hour, on the hour

Yesterday I decided that in the the attempt to write another "day in the life post" I would take a photo every hour of the day, starting at 8am and ending at 8pm. After looking at all the (very quickly) snapped photos I took I was very tempted to not post them because of the poor quality.  But hey, what is blogging for if you don't get to see the "real" side of things once in a while! 
So here you go. A little peek into our Wednesday.

8am. Waking up with my pal. Every morning we snap a quick picture to send to Adam with a good morning text.

9am. Coffee, blogging and checking emails quickly.

10am. Adri and I walked down to the gas station in town with my brother Stan Lee and grabbed another cup of coffee before starting out on our morning walk.

11am. On our way up to Wesleytown to visit with the Clan.

12pm. Playing with little sister's cute puppy, Ponyo.

1pm. Nursing Adri and trying (without success) to get her to take a nap.

2pm. Out on my parent's front porch. 

3pm. Back home again and hanging up three loads of wet laundry to dry.

4pm. Waiting for dinner to cook and hanging out with Adri and Adam (Adam's arm can be seen making an appearance in the background).


5pm. Heading out the door to work. 

6pm. Working.

7pm. Still working...

8pm. Walking home, ready to watch a show with Adam and put the Wee One to bed.


  1. Beautiful day with people you love:) I'd love to work in a library!

    1. Christina, I love my job! Before I moved to VT I applied for a couple librarian positions and then once I came back to NY, got pregnant and then quite my two current jobs this suddenly popped up out of the blue! I was so happy :)

  2. That was fun! I love the shot of your mom's front porch! I'd love to have a visit with you all on that porch!

    1. We'd love to have you come visit too, Deanna! Hopefully someday it works out to "meet" in person :)

  3. I really enjoyed seeing a day in your life. I volunteered at a library in high school ~ I've always thought that would be such an awesome job!

    1. I always wanted to work at a library and now I do and I love it! It really is a wonderful job :)


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