Life Lately: inside and outside.

Family up visiting for a bit. 
Sunny corner.
New Knitting projects.
Fall cleaning.
Breezes in the windows.
Backyard bonfires.
Babies in wagons.
Trees dressed in Autumn colors.
Blue walls.
Busy kitchen.

Just a little glimpse of what our week has been like. 
We've all got a bad cold here, which has resulted in a few sleepless nights with the Wee One. Hopefully it's on it's way out the door soon though. 
There's not a whole lot planned for the weekend right now. Work for Adam, visiting with family, maybe some apple picking, and that's about it.
Have a lovely weekend.

p.s stay tuned for a fun giveaway starting next Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. Deanna, congratulations on the new grand baby! She's beautiful :)

  2. I love it! Hope you got to go apple picking this weekend!:)

    1. Hi Christina,
      We missed apple picking yet again! Adam and Adri were sick with a cold, and the weather ended up being a bit dreary. I'm planning for next weekend though!

  3. i so love that pic on the wall..its lovely..your daughter is just so adorable..
    hope your mom is well..i miss her blogs..

    1. Thanks, Lulu :)
      My mom is doing well. She's busy with the four youngest that are still at home, so, no time for blogging :( I'm always after her to start again though! lol


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