Life Lately {here, there, and everywhere}.

+we woke up to snow this morning! We have had a few flurries the past few days but today we got the "real" thing. I'm planning on bundling the Wee One up and taking her out to play in it at some point today (last year she barely even saw snow).

+in preparation for the snow I put all the storm windows up the other day. It was a pretty big deal (bigger than it sounds) because it involved moving all the plants off of each window sill, cleaning the sill off, fitting the window in, and then putting all the plants back on the sill. 

+I've been cleaning a lot lately. Call it Fall Cleaning Fever or whatever, but it's been nice to get everything cleaned up and organized. I deep cleaned bathrooms, the closet, and a few cupboards.

+so far as reading goes it's just bits and pieces of stuff  here and there. Mainly we've been reading lots of children's books though. One of our favorite things to do is grab a big stack of books in the morning, curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, and read away.

+sister Julia wrote a new blog post the other day and if you haven't read it yet you really should. Her pictures are beautiful!

+last night our library hosted a Chai Tea making class last night. It was so neat! I've been wanting to learn how to make Chai and now I finally do. I just have to take a trip to the Indian market at some point now and stock up on all the right herbs that I need to make it.

+this Saturday we are having our annual Halloween Party (and combining it with Aimaja's birthday celebration) and everyone's pretty excited about it. We are planning on feasting on chili and cornbread and then visiting the haunted house that our opera house here in town is putting on (they did it last year and it was wonderfully spooky!).

+tomorrow afternoon we are going to take a little trip to Walmart and get Adri's costume for Monday night. I really wanted to sew something for her but with my sewing machine still out of commission that didn't happen. Sigh. Oh, well, there's always next year! 

Have a wonderful (and warm, depending on where you are!) Thursday!