at the playground.

Photos are from Friday afternoon, spent at the playground. All the cousins and aunties were running around playing together. Adri has been having a blast with so many small ones to hang out with!
We have a bad cold making it's way through the family, meaning we've been feeling a bit under the weather around here. Lots of chicken soup, hot tea and tissues are a must.
Later today Adri and I are going to go to the playground for a bit so we can get some fresh air. Although so far this morning I've been busy cleaning, washing dishes, watering plants, and making beds.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! 


  1. Hey girl. Wow, such a beautiful family you have! Your niece in the last photo, looks a lot like you. I am fascinated by families and how similar and different all family members are compared to one another. Since your family is so big and I know many people in it, it is like a big case study for me! Haha, but in a normal way. I am sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you all get back to snuff soon. All is well here. Love you guys.

  2. So sweet! I first started reading your mom's blog. How time has flown,and the littlest have gotten so big!:)


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