after the weekend: the first of the winter birthdays

I'm happy to report that our weekend party was a success. Lots of food, fun, family.
I didn't snap many photos (too much in the moment, I guess) but above is what I did take over the weekend. Those picutres of the munchkin standing next to the bookshelf? She was watching Kung Fu Panda 3 for the first time. Totally enthralled is not even the right word (but the closest I can get) to how she reacted.

On another note, Happy Halloween! It's not too cold outside and there's no snow so it seems like it might be a nice night to go out. The little sisters are coming over (the same as last year) and we are all going to dress up and go trick or treating for a bit.

I have a busy morning ahead, so I'm off in a rush to begin tackling my long to-do list.

Have wonderful Monday! 

p.s Rosie (another Rosie-not me ;) ) has a fun giveaway going on, over here. 


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    1. Summer, I always look forward to our Halloween party and it was extra fun celebrating the little sister's birthday at the same time!

  2. Perfect!!!! And look at that curl! Swoon!

    1. Christina, I LOVE her curls! Half the time her hair is doing crazy things, and the other half the time it's looking super cute, like that ;)


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