after the weekend: family, family, family.


Saturday: in the morning it was work (for me), and then later in the afternoon we went up to Wesley and Claire's where everyone was hanging out for the evening. Claire made delicious beef stew, the littles ran wild, the guys played video games,  and we all had a great time.
Sunday: I woke up early before both Adam and Adri (something that very rarely happens) and got to have some quiet time all to myself, which was a nice little treat ;) Later in the morning I went out and did the weekly grocery shopping. Adam roasted a chicken for lunch, and we watched the first episode of Westworld together. Sunday night I drove with Julia up to Wesleytown (Adam stayed home and went to bed early) to go to Mama and Dad's for Family Dinner.
Today: Wesley, Claire, their littles, and Joe are all headed back to Connecticut today, meaning things are going to quiet down drastically around here now ;)
It was so nice having most of the family in town for even just a week and we sure manged to fit a lot in!

photos from last Friday, at the Nature Center with Claire, her littles, and Julia.

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  1. Lovely photos! My how the children have all grown! So glad you enjoyed a sweet visit with them!

  2. Katy, everyone has gotten SO big! We had a really nice visit. They stayed for two weeks and it still wasn't long enough!

  3. Relaxing with family/friends.... the very best !

    1. It is the best! It's aways so much fun when everyone is here, busy, but fun :)


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