What We've Been Watching /2.0

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I know I love to hear what other people are watching and what's currently good on t.v.
I know I've posted before giving lists of good movies and shows to watch and I thought it was about time to do so again.

Okay, here goes:

This Is Us. I didn't really plan on watching this show, but then everyone who watched the first episode said it was excellent so of course I had to give it a try. It is good! I actually liked it a lot. It's sweet and touching, and has a bit of a surprise at the end of the first (and currently only) episode.

Freaks and Geeks. Adam convinced me to start watching this and I'm glad I did. It's super funny and has everyone in it from waaaay back when they were all younger. Jason Segel, James Franco, Linda Cardellini and Seth Rogen. Too bad there's only one season.

Farscape. We've been making our way slowly through this. It's very similar to both Stargate and Firefly. It is also pretty si-fi so if you're not into that type of thing then it's definitely not something you'd like.

Empire. As I've said before, I love this show. The first episode of the third season is up on Hulu and I am soooo happy. If you haven't watched any of Empire now is the time to start. It really is an excellent show. All about family, loyalty, and music.

You've Got Mail. I know everybody has seen it at some point or another and loves it. But seriously. I love that movie. It gives me the best feels and I watch it every Fall.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I was waiting to watch this once it came out on dvd and I finally did. I wasn't a big fan of the first one but I ended up really liking the second. I loved seeing the large family dynamics (growing up in a big family I can totally relate ;)).

The Presidential Debate. I didn't watch it live (#tiredmom) but the next day I went to Hulu and listened to it while cleaning the house. Since I really have nothing to say about the debate (and I try to not talk politics on here), all I'll say is...wow.

So that's our list. Has anyone else been watching anything good lately? I always love to hear recommendations! 


  1. I love the fall. *hands Rosie a bouquet of sharpened pencils* :-) HUGE You've Got Mail fan here too...I'll have to check out Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

    1. It's always nice to hear from a fellow You've Got Mail lover :) And you should watch Big Fat Greek Wedding 2--it was super good!

  2. We've been watching Secrets and Lies, and the new one with Kiefer Sutherland. And I'm always watching Homicide Hunter on Investigation Discovery. Lol. I miss Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife!:)

    1. Christina, I haven't watched any of those. I'll have to check them out!
      I miss Downton and Call The Midwife too. I'm waiting for Love and Friendship to come in at the library for me--apparently it's supposed to be really good.



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