life lately//pictures from my phone.

From at the Farmer's Market last Saturday. I wish we had dressed a little warmer though--it was chilly out!

Some of our haul from the market. If you follow me on SnapChat you'll have already seen that I made a cauliflower cheese soup for lunch on Sunday using some of the produce.

It's the time of year for everything pumpkin and apple! I bought Celestial Seasoning's Caramel Apple tea yesterday (I had it last year and loved it) and pumpkin spice coffee just because I was walking through the store and there was this whole display of coffees and teas that all screamed "Autumn!" at me. 

My Posie being so cute and sitting next to her aunties at church (this was right before she started fussing and I had to head to the nursery for the whole service).

Fat little baby legs, forever and ever.

My sleeping little one. Whenever she goes to my mom and dad's the little sisters all want a turn carrying her in the Ergo and letting her fall asleep.

By my bedside. I've been re-reading through Little House In The Big Woods just because I love that book so much.

This was from last week when it was hot out and running around in only a diaper was the best way to cool down (for the baby at least). Now we have all the windows closed at night and it's chilly in the morning-I've even been wearing a sweater until about 10:00 am. 

I'm not sure why, but for some reason both on Monday and Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday! Weird, huh? 
Anyway, now it's Thursday and I'm heading up to Wesleytown with Posie to hang out for the day.
Later in the afternoon I have errands to run and a few bills to pay. 
I also have great plans to make some fermented foods in the next couple days. Ginger carrots, sauerkraut and kombucha are all on the list so far. 
There's a big bag of tomatoes that I got at the market that are going a bit soft and might need to be made into sauce at some point too.
There you have it. My plans for today and tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. Love these types of posts. And YUM! That soup sounds delicious. I broke out my red Converse the other day. Love yours! Are they gray?

    1. I love my converse! Mine are navy blue, but are probably looking gray due to the fact they are pretty scuffed. lol I used to have a pink pair and I loved them!


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