Five Favorites {things I'm loving lately}.

One: these baskets for my art supplies. I found them both (at different times) at thrift stores and they make a nice spot to keep all my pens, markers, brushes and pencils in.

Two: all the produce we've been harvesting from our garden has been awesome. I've been making sauce and freezing it, plus I've been trying to incorporate the veggies into almost every meal. 

Three: that little face (did you really think there would be a post without my favorite Munchkin in it?). Adri has been talking up a storm lately and even started saying more than just one word at a time, things like "No you don't" and "Don't touch that", are currently on repeat.

Four: this little kitchen. Posie loves it so much-she easily spends half her day playing in that corner. I still can't believe I got it for only $10.00. Seriously. Best find ever. 

Five: my birdie, Sprite. He talks and sings all day long but for some reason he really loves it when Adam comes home and starts making a ton of noise "talking" to him as soon as he walks through the door. 

And a little bonus favorite...I just read this book and it was sooooo good. Also, it's being made into a movie that's coming out in October!


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