Fall Bucket List: 2016

Fall is definitely in the air lately! The leaves here are turning different shades of orange, red, and yellow, and in some places they are even starting to fall off the trees.
Around now is the time I begin airing out our woolens, pulling out all the cold weather clothes, and start to pack away the shorts and tank tops.

At this moment, as I type I'm drinking hot tea and wearing a sweater. Yup, I'm pretty sure Summer is heading out the door.

Once again I have my Fall Bucket List. It's all the things I plan on doing in this upcoming season. 
If you haven't seen any of my bucket lists before just click on the bucket list tab in the Categories section, in the sidebar.

Okay. So here goes:

+Apple picking. This really needs to happen, I love apple picking but I haven't done it in years. Plus, apple butter? Yes, please.

+Visit a corn maze. We have a nice big farm near us that has a wonderful one every year.

+Carve pumpkins.

+Drink lots of warm apple cider (with spices!).

+Host our annual Halloween party. Complete with chili, cornbread, and trick or treating.

+Rake leaves.

+Take family photos (has to happen now, in order to have them for the Christmas card!).

+Go to the petting zoo.

Not a very long list, but lets be real, I'm sure I'll be adding to it as we go.

We don't really have great plans for the weekend. Tomorrow I have work, and I think later in the evening we are going to see if Stan Lee and Julia want to come over for Poker Night. Sunday there is a new church I want to visit. In between this stuff I'm sure I'll be making tomato sauce every chance I get.

Have a great weekend! 

p.s photos from a couple years back, when I was living in Vermont.