Day at the beach.

Just a few more pictures from our day at the beach last Friday. It started out rather cloudy, but then the sun came out and shone brightly. Adri hated the water, but sure loved playing in the sand. I think the ocean in the one thing that I miss the most about living in New York. Streams, lakes and rivers can't quite cut it! 

Today it's overcast outside. We have a big stack of library books to read (more on that tomorrow), I have bills to pay and there's a HUGE pot of tomato sauce that needs to be put in freezer bags and frozen. I've been answering emails and drinking coffee all morning and now I think it's time to take a break for a bit and start whittling away on the to-do list. 

Have a lovely Thursday!  


  1. nice times at the beach with family

    1. Hi Lulu,
      Yes, it was SO nice to all be able to visit the ocean. The little ones barely remembered it, and they ended up loving the water so much they spent over half the time we were there swimming! lol


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