Adriana Rose At Fifteen Months.

It has been so much fun around here these days, with our little one keeping us cracking up all the time. She's goofy, giddy, sweet, and super playful. 

Our Adri Rose is getting even more teeth-she has a whole mouthful now! I lost count about three teeth ago...

She has many stuffed animals, but right now her all time favorite is Curious George (she stole him from Auntie Julia's house). He goes everywhere with her. She gives him kisses, reads to him, and "feeds" him food.
A few weeks ago Adam brought home a great big box and it became her "portal". She walks inside (it's tall) and hangs out there, calling for either Adam or me to join her. She also loves to take her big stuffed hippo pillow, Hilda, in with her.

Adri is still nursing, but not quite as much as before. She seems to have slowed up a bit now that she has more teeth and can pretty much eat any and everything. Current favorite foods are: olives, chips, meat (she still loves meat!), cheerios, squash, soups, and noodles. She also loves when I buy these pouches for her and always gobbles them up.

I'm so thankful that she has always been a good sleeper. She sleeps about ten hours a night and only wakes to nurse (and fall back to sleep immediately) about three times.

We take lots of trips to the playground, since that is Adri's all time favorite thing to do. We walk there with her in the jogger and then she gets out the run and play. One of the main reasons I'm dreading Winter is Adri not being able to play outside. I know she'll really miss it. 

She talks all the time. She has all the basic words down and has added some new two and three word sentences like, "Don't touch", "No you don't", "I love you" and even "Thank-you". She also has the cutest little baby voice. It's very sweet and tiny. 

Oh, happy baby girl, we love you so! 


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