These Days.

+Hot and muggy

+Morning coffee made in my french press.

+Sticky babe playing with water all day long.

+Trips to the library just so we can be in the central air. 

+Our first harvest from our garden cooked up with bacon wrapped scallops.

+Hanging wet laundry to dry.

+Reading the new Harry Potter book.

+Iced tea.

+Chasing my little wild one everywhere.

+Big salads for dinner when it's too hot to cook.

+Crossing days off the calendar and realizing that summer is almost over.


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    1. Christina, I've really been loving summer, but it has been SO hot here the past week. So even though we have been going outside, we can't stay out for too long! lol It's sure been busy here lately though :)

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    1. Deanna, isn't it amazing how much can get done in the summer, and then how things slow up so much in the winter time? At least it's like that around here! lol


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