On babies, breastfeeding, green beans and more.

Things have been just plain busy lately. Busy and hot. We did end up getting a lot of rain at the beginning of the week though, and that was perfect. Just what we'd been needing :) 
I love summer so much. But everything is just crazy busy around here during it. So much happening, so much to be done. This is the time of year where I (kinda) start looking forward to winter, slower moments, shorter days, and things winding down a bit. 

So far the new bedroom arrangement has been working out so great. It's been nice to have that new little reading nook--it's pretty much like having a second living room! 

I found this little wooden kitchen for sale on the side of the road, for only $10.00! Adri loves it. She's been spending the past two days playing with it, and is still going strong.

Green beans from our garden! The first things we've harvested, and that's always exciting, yes? Adri loved eating them. It was her fist taste of green beans, and they were a big hit! 

A new accomplishment: my little Chunk is drawing now! I got her some of those big fat crayons last week, and, with a bit of help from Daddy, she went to town!  

Oh, you know, just keeping the toddler busy, on a hot day. It seems anything with water is a win around here. 

Sleepy babe. All tired out. 

The two of us. I can never get over how happy this little girl is. Just smiles and giggles, pretty much all the time.

{and now, that little bit I had to say about breastfeeding}

In case anyone managed to miss it, this week is National Breastfeeding Awareness Week ;)

I know I don't talk much about it here on the blog, but I love breastfeeding my baby. I really do. However, as I look around and see mothers posting beautiful pictures of them nursing their wee ones, I have to confess, it makes me just a bit sad. So many (as in, almost all) of those posts seem to be saying, "breast is best" and "do the best for your child", etc. Granted, I do agree with them on a fundamental level. I breastfeed because I personally feel that is the best for me, and for my child.

However, I feel like all these advocates should be careful. Words can hurt. There are many mothers out there. Many good, kind, loving mothers that want the best for their babies.
And many of those do not breastfeed. It might be that they can't and then again maybe they just plain don't want to. And that is fine by me. I believe that it is every mother's choice how they wish nourish their child.

What I don't like seeing and hearing, is other breastfeeding mamas out there, posting careless, thoughtless things on social media. Things that maybe are offensive or hurtful to others.
How you feed your baby is a choice, and one that I am very happy I am making. I guess what I am saying here is, breastfeeding is a choice, not a right or wrong. A choice. So be very careful, when talking about the wonders and (many!) benefits of it, that at the same time you are not putting down the formula-feeding mother next to you.

All that said, as I said before, I breastfeed my little one and I love it. It's what works best for both of us and I do believe there are many health benefits in it. I've never gotten any negative feedback from anybody about my breastfeeding and yes, I nurse in public ;)

And, lastly, one of my new favorite pictures. 

Right at this minute I'm drinking my coffee and Adri playing in her new little kitchen. I just paid a bunch of bills, so I'm feeling like I already accomplished a bunch of stuff--and it's only 7:30 am! 
As soon as I'm done typing we are taking off for our walk and then it's home for shower/bath/breakfast.
Today the three youngest girls are coming over. Usually we go over to the playground for a little while (Adri's now a huge fan of the slide) and hang out. I'm sure we'll also watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls, because Julia and I introduced them to it a while back and they are still making their way through the show.
While I have babysitters, I'm planning on whipping up some new pillowcases, since I just realized the other day that we really need some new ones.

Oh a little side note. Does anyone else follow Chloeandbeans on Instagram? She's a mom of six, four and under (a four year old, a three year old, a two year old and one year old triplets). They have a YouTube channel and it is so stinkin' cute. If you haven't watched any of their videos before, trust me, you've got to go check them out.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. Your pictures are lovely. :)

    As far as breastfeeding goes ~ I think it *is* best...although the longest I lasted nursing was with my daughter for 6 weeks. I was young and my milk was over-abundant (I was leaking milk while still pregnant!) and it stressed me terribly. I wish I would have nursed each of my babes for at least a year. I think when people say that breastfeeding is best that they are absolutely right and it's okay for them to say so. People get so easily offended nowadays. If someone uses formula (out of choice or necessity)~ then that's just what has to happen. The baby is nourished. But the truth of it all does come down to that breast is best ultimately. God designed mama milk perfectly for wee ones. I think mamas who formula fed mostly (such as myself) can admit that and don't need to be defensive when someone claims it as so. Of course, that is not license for people to be nasty...but overall, people need to grow thicker skins and be content with (and sure of) what they are doing and not be offended at everything. :)

    1. Hi Katy,
      First let me just say, I totally agree with you, I personally also think that breastfeeding is the best choice.
      I guess what I'm saying is, I think people need to be careful when talking about how they stand on breastfeeding (or any subject), that they don't end up putting down others, when sharing what is their own personal opinion. I think it's a wonderful thing, breastfeeding, and it's good to educate and share about it, but to do so in such a way that would come across as judgmental, or as to make others feel bad about their choices in life I feel like would be wrong. And would in the end defeat any good someone would be trying to say, pertaining to breastfeeding (or anything else, for that matter).
      Although, I also agree with what you have to say, people need to not get offended, and grow thicker skins ;)

    2. Hi Rosie, I enjoy your blog as I am a book-lover and reading is probably my favorite thing to do!

      I think this post is the kindest statement I have ever come across from a breastfeeding mother, and I am not exaggerating. I formula-fed my three children (now 5, 7, and 9 years old). (I also used disposable diapers from Walmart - y'all are probably thinking I'm the most horrible person ever!!)

      When they were babies I received many a contemptuous look & direct comment from breastfeeding mommas. It is one thing to say "grow a thicker skin" but I have to tell you words are hurtful, and I know the intent was definitely to hurt, not "educate". I've had the neighborhood moms actually say to my face "I don't know why we hang out with you" (because I formula fed and they breast fed).

      If I could say anything it would be to enjoy your breast feeding and ability to do so, and to realize that formula fed babies are just as healthy and loved as your own. Also, to try not to "educate" us!! We know!! We all live in the information age and can google something 24/7. Live & let live. Also, once your babies are grown and school age like mine, no one "cares" if they were breast or formula fed. No one "checks". No one even cares! It is on to the next thing! i.e. how many activities are your kids in? Can they play an instrument? Can they read yet? and on and on....

      Enjoy every day and just tune out the "madding crowd"!!

      Thanks again for you beautiful pictures & thoughts,

    3. Hi Karen,
      I'm so sorry to hear about people making such rude, and inconsiderate comments!
      And, just for the record, you are not alone... I ALSO use those disposable Walmart diapers ;)
      I think you have such a good point. In the end how someone chooses to feed their baby is not that big of a deal. After they are grown up, no one really cares, and it really doesn't make a difference how they were fed.
      I do think that it makes all the difference to the mother though, and that is (maybe?) why it is such a big deal to moms.

      In the end, I think many people hurt more with their words than they think, or even know that they are, and really do need to be careful how, and when they say things.
      Thank-you for sharing your thoughts, and experience with us :)


  2. I love it all!:) Christina


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