after the weekend: trip to the zoo.

So, at long last it happened, on Saturday we took Adri to the zoo! Another thing crossed off my Summer Bucket List
We left the house early (it's an hour drive) in order to arrive right when they opened so we could beat the crazy crowds. It was a perfect 70-some degree day and we just wandered all over, saw the bear, tiger, elephants, penguins, monkeys, gorilla, etc. Adri's all-time favs were the monkeys (duh), we had trouble prying her away from that exhibit! 
Just as we neared the end the zoo started to get busy, so we headed to the gift shop for a little memento of the trip for Adri. Wouldn't you know, my child wanted every toy there? Not just one, she wanted them all. It took a bit of "How about this?" and "Not two!" and " No, you can't have three!", before we settled on six little plastic farm animals. We always know when we've found something she reeaally loves, because she makes this long "ooohhhhhhh" sound and starts making a sorta monkey-like sound. You know the one,  "Ah-oh, ah-oh,"? So, the farm animals it was. 

The rest of Saturday was filled with thrift store and grocery shopping. On Sunday it was church and in the late afternoon a walk down to the playground where Adri ran around for about an hour. She was more than ready for bed  when we got home.
Both Adam and I agreed that we'd really been needing a family weekend. It was just so nice to spend the whole weekend doing stuff together as a family. 

So, yes, Monday is here again! I have a super long to-do list sitting beside me: send out a package, water plants, wash dishes, vacuum, make bed, clean bird cage, etc. I'm off to get busy tackling all that.

Have a lovely day!