after the weekend: quiet at home.


We had a a lot of plans for this past weekend. 
Our plans that included going up to Vermont and seeing friends and family,
however, as they are apt to do, our plans changed.  Adam ended up having to work on Saturday morning so instead of traveling we spent a lazy weekend at home. 
Saturday afternoon we went to some yard sales and a thrift store and then that night I went roller skating with my mom and couple of the siblings. 
On Sunday morning Adam and I had also planned on taking Adri to the petting zoo, but then of course plans changed yet again (due to the weather this time), and we went grocery shopping instead and then spent the afternoon at home making food, watching "Friends", and napping.

See? Quiet and uneventful.

Now, it's still early, I'm sitting making my list for the day, planning dinner, listening to the "I See Fire " Pandora station, and drinking coffee with Thin Mint creamer in it, and Posie is still sleeping (a miracle!) and it's pretty quiet right now. 
A nice start to my Monday. 

Have a wonderful day!


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    1. Christina, we've been so busy lately we haven't had much time for that, and it was really nice to have a nothing-planned-weekend. In the end I was happy that all our plans fell through! lol :)

  2. sounds like a nice weekend...YOur plants are thriving..

    1. Hi Lulu, it was a really nice weekend :) Adam gives our plants all this special plant food and stuff, and it seems to really help them in the growth department. Also they get a ton of sunlight from our big windows.


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