after the weekend: highlights from our trip.

What a weekend! Adri and I drove to Connecticut on Thursday night, with my Dad and the four youngest children (Adam had work so he didn't come). Since Julia and Stan Lee had gone down on Monday evening, it meant we ended up having most of the family together all weekend long. Such fun.
Lots of swimming, food, visiting, laughter, shopping, more swimming, etc...

Time spent with family really is the best. 

The ocean. That's one thing I miss most living in New York, The rivers and ponds just can't beat good old salt water. 

"the cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears or the sea"

A day at the beach. Posie hated the water and ended up playing in the sand with (one of) her cousin(s), Ella, instead. 


Visiting with my grandmother. I hadn't seen my Grammy since when I was pregnant Adri. I was really happy that they finally got to meet each other. 
By the way, Adri loved her great-grammy :)

Stopping for Clam Fritters. 


On Saturday some of the group went back to the beach, while a few others (including Adri and me) went to Newport, RI for the afternoon.

On our way home again. As much as I love to visit and travel there's nothing better than coming back home. 


  1. Is your mother Jewels from Eyes of Wonder? Is she still living? I remember her health was declining Hope she is doing well.

    1. Hi there :)
      Yes, that is my mom, and yes, she is still living :) She's doing well, still struggling with her health, but not any worse than she was back when she was blogging.


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