Adriana Rose: Fourteen Months Old.

It felt so weird just now, typing that, fourteen whole months old. I have a little toddler now. 
Our little one has changed so much in in the past few months and has learned many new things.

At fourteen months old Adri is: 
  • Moving all the time; either walking, running, or pretending to "be a baby" and crawling ;) 
  • Getting into everything, the dishes, the fridge, pots and pans, books, sewing stuff, knitting, cat food, etc..., you name it, she's in it.
  • Yelling at us. Yup, she throws huge fits when we tell her NO. 
  • Laughing. She has the cutest little giggle and loves being tickled.
  • Dancing. She has her dance moves down and if she hears a song she likes she starts dancing away.
  • Talking. She says words like "dadda', "mama", "nurse", "kitty" and "book", but still not much else.
  • Climbing all over stuff now. She is able to climb up on the chairs and couch now so that keeps me on the move!

Adri has: 
  • Seven teeth right now, four on the top and three on the bottom, and two more coming in on the top.
  • A happy smile.
  • A super loud voice. She talks all the time to us, it's just that we don't always understand it ;)
She loves:
  • Books.
  • Animals.
  • Food. She eats pretty much everything but is also still nursing.
  • Water (but not the tub). She just loves if we fill a big bucket of water up for her to play in.
  • Walks.
  • The playground.
  • Playing outside.
  • Music.
  • Her aunties.
  • Visiting the library.
  • Her toys. 
  • Stuffed animals, she has a lot of them but she loves and plays with them all.


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