A Day In The Life.

I don't know about you guys, but I am the snoopy type of person that often wonders what a "typical" day looks like for other folks. 
Today you're in luck, you get to see a little sneak peek into what my day was like yesterday! 
Even though things vary, this is more than likely what most week days look like around here (other than the fact the almost every other morning we take a walk, though somehow that got skipped yesterday!).

7:30 am. Rise and shine. Adri has some milky in bed, then gets a diaper change. We move to the living room and she plays, I drink coffee, quickly re-read over the latest blog post, and check emails.

8:30 am. We head to the kitchen. I turn on NPR, start washing any dishes that are in the sink and begin to make breakfast while Adri eats cheerios and watches me. 

9:00 am. I always have some form of eggs for breakfast, either scrambled, poached, or fried. 

9:15 Adri plays. I turn on music and start cleaning the house; folding laundry, watering plants, picking up books....etc.

10:00 am. I take a shower, and then get myself and the Wee One dressed for the day.

In case you thought life was all easy peasy over here this is what she was doing while I was cleaning the house, taking all the dvds off the shelf.

10:30 am. We walk to the library to drop off books, then go the the post office to mail out a package and check the mail.

11:00 am. Back home again. I work on my knitting. Adri brings me books to read to her, and plays with the kitties. 

12:00pm.  Adri settles in to nurse (hopefully to fall asleep for her nap) and I read. 

1:00 pm. I go to set down Adri in her crib and she wakes up--no nap today!

1:15 pm. I set her in her highchair with a sandwich and green olives. She watches a few Frozen songs, giving me time to pick up again and do a bit more computer stuff (like edit pictures).

1:45 pm. She gets down to play some more and we hang out. I think about taking her to the park, but am a little too lazy today and decide against it.

2:45 pm. I head to the kitchen and start making dinner, Spanish rice, veggies and steak. Adri watches an episode of Baby Einstein. While in the kitchen I also make meatballs for dinner the next day, Swedish meatballs and noodles.

3:20 pm. Adam arrives home and plays with Adri, and we eat dinner shortly after. 

4:30 pm. I start getting ready for work. 

5:00 pm. Work.

8:00 pm. I arrive home. Adam has to be up for work, it's an early day for him tomorrow at 2:30 am, so he heads right to bed.

8:15 pm. I settle in to nurse the baby to sleep. 

8:45 pm. Baby doesn't go to sleep so I turn on 'The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness' and pour a glass of wine. Later, Julia comes over and we pick up the (super) messy house, visit, and I make Adam's lunch for the next day.

10:45 pm. Baby finally passes out. Julia goes home, and I get to go to bed! 

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