When Things Get Rough.

So far we have been blessed with an "easy" (relative word) baby. At least I think so. We've had very few sleepless nights, and fussy moments.

And I thank God for that. I really do. 
However, it doesn't mean we don't have those days around here. And when we do, it's usually all rolled into one.
So, in the spirit of being real, and letting you know life is not always roses around here, this was our day, yesterday:

Adri went to bed really early last night, so she ended up waking up early the following morning.
She was pretty fussy from the start. Then the crying started. She kept pointing to everything, and crying. But she didn't want any of it.

So, I figured, maybe teething? I gave her some medicine.
Fussing still continued.

At this point it's only 9:00 am. This is when I realized we had a longgg day ahead of us.


I tried nursing her, thinking maybe she just needed some milky, and maybe a short nap (although she never naps that early).


Still, the fussing continued.

Finally, around 10:30 am, all else having failed, I pulled out the jogger, tossed her in, and went to the playground. Ha. I wish I had thought of that earlier.

She was soooo happy. All smiles and giggles.

After the playground we went for a walk, and she napped. Home again around 1:00 pm, and back to not-happy, fussy baby.


Put baby in the tub/sink (she LOVES the tub, and will play happily in it for hours). All went well until she started throwing alllllll the toys out, and then commenced to stand up. And would NOT sit back down.

Okay, out of tub, and diaper on. Lots of screaming when it came to the dressing part, so I simply let her just run around in a diaper.

We put in Sophia The First, and she ate half a can of black olives, while I made dinner (at this point I decided Adam had better not mind grilled cheese, with mac and cheese, because that's about all I was going to have time/energy to make).

Adam comes home, and Posie was so happy. All smiles and fun.

Huh. We all know who is the favorite parent around here.....
Anyway. Hours later, after work, baby asleep, and a glass (or two!) of wine, and I took a nice long, deep breath.

What a day.

Being a mom is hard. No, let me correct that. Being a parent is hard. Really, really hard. Some days things are just crazy, and nothing goes right.
I'm really trying, as Adriana gets bigger, to just relax, and give myself a little grace. Not worry if the house is a mess, or the baby dressed. If dinner is thrown together, and bedtime doesn't happen until 11:00pm. As long as baby come first everything will be fine.
I'm a long way from being a perfectionist, however, at the same time I love my routine. And let's admit, spending all day long with a fussy one year old is no one's idea of fun.

I guess this is all kinda rambly, but all to say, looking at my baby girl this morning, it's all so worth it. Every second. It's difficult, and with Adri getting bigger, there are more temper tantrums, and crying, and fit throwing. But it's okay, we'll figure it out (and I'll be asking lots of advice from those more experienced moms!).

I always love to keep in mind the words of Anne Shirley: "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it".

Yes, please.  

{all photos from at the park, and then a bit later, on a our walk}


  1. I don't know if this will be helpful or not but Adri's day reminded me a lot of The Terrible Twos. I had four children and I found that their Terrible Twos actually started at about 18 months and went until 2 1/2 years old. Fortunately, not every day was a day-long fuss-fest. But you just never knew when something would get them upset. And they seemed to prefer to throw their biggest tantrums in public. {sigh}
    You're a good mom, Rosie, so just keep on hangin' in there. Remember that this too will pass. *-*

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mona. Things are going a bit better today. I'm really hoping that in large part this is due to teething, and things will even out a bit more at some point soon!
      And in the meantime I'll just breath deeply, and try to relax...lol


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