what really happens when you take photos of a one year old.

It's good to always keep in mind, for every nice picture, there are probably twenty duds...

 About two weeks back, Adri had a lollipop for the first time. So, me, being a snappy, happy, picture takin' mama, started to document that occasion on "film" (ha. remember those days of film?). About 15 photos later, I set the camera away. About one day later, I looked through the photos. Apart from the obvious bad-lighting situation (I could handle that though, I'm not overly picky when it comes to pictures of my baby ;)), she had a runny nose. Yup. A runny nose. And that I cannot overlook, no matter how not-picky I am.

However. I am posting these pictures (that as her mama, I find terribly cute, runny nose or not), as proof, here on the blog. Taking those baby pictures sure are tricky.

p.s please keep in mind this is all very much tongue in cheek. Well, not the snot, but everything else ;)