Summer Style.

It used to be, as soon as the weather got warm, I'd simply always wear dresses. Other than for work, of course. 
However, now, since I'm breastfeeding, I'm a bit limited on the dresses (I still do wear them, but pretty much only at work, and ones that I can still nurse discreetly in).
All that being said, I'm left, for the most part, with skirts to wear. 

With it soooo hot out, that means usually pairing it with a tank top.
I found a really good deal on tanks (buy on, get one half off) at Kohls a couple weeks ago, and I stocked up on a bunch of new ones.

This skirt is a very old one, that I made about 5 years ago. It hits about knee length, and had a nice thick waistband. 

When not wearing skirts, my other go-to is shorts. Denim seems to go best with everything, but I have a black pair that I finally (after having the baby) fit back into, so they're now in the rotation too.

See? Tank, shorts (or skirt) and cons. 
Ready for anything. And ready for the heat! 

I am curious though. HOW do folks wear pants, when it's past 80 degrees? Really. I'd like to know. Because, I for one, cannot do it. 

{ha. This was earlier in the year, before my legs tanned.}

There is is! Pretty much what I wear all summer long, as long as it's hot out. 
I'd really like to hear from my readers down south. As much as I  love Summer, staying cool is HARD---how do you work dressing in the heat? 


  1. its so hard to stay cool..i dont do well with heat..i have the ac going..
    she is so adorable, the last pic is a great cute...all the pics are nice of course..

    1. Lulu, we have ac in the living room, but not the bedroom. Since the bedroom faces east, it cools down quite a bit once the sun sets. The heat is better than cold, but it sure is still hot! lol And thank-you :)


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