Life around here. Home happenings.

Pictures from Wednesday, with my sweet babe. 
It was SO hot out. It still is, in fact. Lets just all agree that this is the hottest summer we have had in a veryyyyy long time?

Colorful eggs for breakfast. You can see below how much Adri loves her eggs. They might just be her favorite food right now...

A snap from yesterday's shopping excursion.  The three youngest girls, Adri and I went to town on a big grocery shopping trip. I try to only go every three weeks or so, and really stock up. Then we only have to go to the store once a week for some small things.

Just a couple photos of the world's happiest baby. Really, even when she's fussy, she's (mostly) fun!

Dinner the other night. Fish, veggies, and sauce. Served over rice. Easy, and yummy.

I've been do a LOT of re-arranging in the small studio/bedroom. Still needs a lot more work, but it's a way better use of space, AND there is room for more bookshelves now.
{if you want to see more, and keep up with the process, I'll have more on my Snapchat!}

So, yeah, it's Friday! We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight the town is having it's block party, and there is a band coming. It's all happening right. outside. our. windows. So, yup, no sleep for the baby...or me. Don't worry, we are taking off to town for a while, to look at wood pricing for new bookshelves ;)
Tomorrow I have work, and then later in the afternoon our friends Julie and Chad are arriving for a weekend visit! We are so stoked! We'll probably have cookout Saturday afternoon, and maybe (I hope) some swimming. Oh, and on Sunday we'll most likely go hiking :)

Our little town is also having it's Town Days. So there a library book sale, and yard sales, and all sorts of fun stuff, all day tomorrow.

See? I said busy, busy.

Last night I started watching The Fundamentals Of Caring on Netflix last night (late night with the baby), and it's soooo good. Kinda interesting also, after having just read Me Before You (basically the same story). If you haven't watched it yet, do. Really good. And funny.

Did I also say that Loki is back? Yup. Some girls caught him for me! So yes, he is back home, and doing great. He even gained a few pounds! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Sounds like soo much fun! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Great news about your cat!
    I was out last night...went to Aldi's. I had my daughter (16) babysit the younger kids (6, 7, and 11) so I could let my mind "blank out" for a little bit. This week has been extra busy b/c my husband was on a business trip and then left yesterday to take our 18 year old to college registration!! It's been hot here and we are very thankful for the pond. I've been swimming with the kids. Have a great weekend, hope you post pics of your new books from the booksale!


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