Friday Links.

+An excellent interview with Mila Kunis. I knew there was good reason to love her! 

+Reading through Amy's old blog. Just because everything she has to

 say is wonderful. And besides, her kids are the cutest. 

+These mason jar recipe ideas are the best! Now I really wish I had children in school, or I packed a lunch for work every day, so I could use all of these! 

+Adri has a couple pairs of these (found at thrift stores), but I really just want to buy like, a hundred of them, for all winter long.

+I want this dress. Right here. I'd wear it every. single. day. 

+Now this is a good gift idea! I think I'll make some as gifts for Christmas (starting to plan early here, people).

+I ordered this free coconut oil from Thrive, a while back, and it was the. best. I still even have a little left. If you love coconut oil, and, better yet, love to get a free jar. This is the place! 

+Making this salad tonight. Avocado, cucumber, and cilantro? Can't go wrong! 

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm planning on taking it easy with my man and baby. Some hiking, swimming, a picnic at the falls, and (maybe) a baby-free date night (Bad Moms is in theaters!). 


  1. I love Hanna Anderson clothes! I'm always excited to find the name on a tag at a thrift store or kids sale.

    1. Emily, growing up we always wore them, and they lasted FOREVER. And they fit for such a long time too, don't they? And same here, I'm always so happy to find them at a thrift store!

  2. thanks for the links! I love the gift idea - I'm thinking early too

    1. Alyssa, yay! Another early-Christmas-planner ;) I try to have all my shopping done by the beginning of December, and then we can just relax and celebrate.


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