Fourth of July Weekend 2016.

Yet another wonderful, crazy busy weekend! I took so many pictures over the past three days, I had a hard time choosing which ones to post! 
So, here below we have Saturday. Adam, Adri and I went out to town to get groceries. Of course we had to stop at the pet store ;) 

Adri so wanted to take all the kitties home with her.

Panera for lunch! Our little social butterfly loves eating out--it gives her a chance to smile at more people.

Oh, have I mentioned that I've never seen Finding Nemo? Nope. Not ever. But we changed that the other night. Adri loved it too!

Saturday morning. I made waffles and sausage for breakfast, and then all the siblings, Wesley and Claire, and their littles, Adri and I all went for a hike.

Okay, here we are, the 4th! So much fun. Same as every year, the picnic was at Wesley and Claire's place. We even had two family friends come that we had not seen in years show up, and that was so great to see them. 
There was lots of good food, and of course a football game. 
Adam and I ended up heading out at about six (he had work, and the baby was tired), so we came home and had ice cream. Perfect ending to our weekend.

So now it's Tuesday! We are already into the week. It's going to be a nice short one! 
I have a lot of cleaning to do, and laundry. And we'll take a walk here soon. I'm making a pizza for dinner tonight, and then I have work at 5:00. Joe is still here in town, so I'm sure he'll come over to visit me at some point today. 
I'm definitely lagging quite a bit right now, and really need a spurt of energy to get me started on all that. Maybe a second cup of coffee? 

I hope each one of you had a fantastic Fourth of July! 


  1. My favorite is the photo of your dad and brother. Very cool -- they have similar looks on their faces. Oh, family! It's a pretty awesome thing.
    Your niece definitely looks like your sister-in-law but I can also see Ryan in her eyes.
    You make me want to eat salad, which is something (!).
    It is hotter and more humid than the dickens here today. I'm going to keep truckin. You should see the house... it is becoming completely green!
    Love you

    1. Julie! I know, that pic of them, they look similar too, do't you think? It's been HOT here too. Almost too hot, and coming from me that's saying a lot! lol
      I bet the house looks awesome! We can't wait to see you guys!
      Love you too!

  2. Replies
    1. Christina, we had a wonderful time! I hope you had a good 4th as well :)

  3. Oh my goodness...your family has all grown so much! The boys have grown into men and the girls are growing into young ladies! Time is definitely a wheel that keeps on turning, isn't it? It looks and sounds like you had a lovely 4th! :)

    1. Katy, I know, aren't they all getting SO big? Time really does keep moving on, lol. we had a really nice 4th. I was at your blog, yesterday, and it looks like you guys had a really good weekend too :)

  4. Replies
    1. Deanna, I realized when I posted the pictures, it's been a while since I have pictures of any of the family, others than the four youngest, on the blog! lol I need to try to fix that more often! ox


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