Easy Painting Project For Little Ones.

Just recently I realized that as much as I would really like to have Adri start doing crafts, she's still just a bit too small. She understands the concept of drawing, but can't hold a pencil, she just tears papers, and eats clay and playdough...or tosses it on the floor, etc.

A while back my mom gave me a large, brand new canvas that she had gotten, and hadn't used. A couple days later I suddenly thought of a craft project Adri could do, that just might turn out right. 
It did work! I loved the result, and Adri loved making it. So, pretty much it was a win all 'round ;) 

Okay. So if you're going to make a colorful canvas with your little one, you are going to need: 
  1. A canvas (found at the craft, or $ store). I think the smaller the child, the bigger the canvas. Those fat little hands can really get going, and you'll probably need lots of room.
  2. Washable paints. I got mine at Walmart.
  3. Lots of newspaper (under your canvas, to control the mess). 
  4. One or more enthusiastic little ones.
Now that you've got your stuff, you're all ready to go! 

Simply squirt a a bit of each color randomly on your canvas, and start letting those little hands spread it around. 
Adri only did a short time, and then (of course) got distracted. I have a feeling the longer you let them spread it, the less colorful it will be. 
I couldn't get a picture at this point, because of all the flying paint, and dirty, busy one year old ;)

Set painting aside to dry, and toss kids in tub to get clean--they will be messy! 

Once it's dry hang up for everyone to admire! 

See? I promised. Wasn't that easy?! 


  1. That is a good step-by-step. I was wondering how she did that! It does really look great. Anyway, miss you all. I can't wait to visit again! Thank you so much for the great times!!

    1. Aww, I miss you too. Depending on when, we're planning on coming up there for a visit soon too :) (and of course you guys can come down anytime at all :)) It was SO nice to see you guys and hang out :) Love you! oxoxox

  2. That is LOVELY, Rosie!!!! I love your new book nook also! I can't wait to finish my library at our "new" fixer-upper. :)

    1. Aww, thanks, Amy :) That's so great that you have a new house! Fixer-uppers are the best! lol

  3. YESSSSS totally doing this!! Thanks for sharing, girl!


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