after the weekend: work, visiting, and a cookout.

Yes, yet another busy weekend! I've kinda just decided that from May to September is the busy-busy-busy time. I think pretty much every weekend is going to have something happening (and that's just fine by me).
Friday: After Adam got home from work, we took a stroll at the Nature Center down the road. Later on a dear, dear friend (Kelly) arrived from out of state, for the weekend. She was staying at Julia's place, so I went over and visited for a few hours (mom, dad, and the littles were there, as well).
Saturday: Was work. For both Adam and me. After work Julia, Adri and I went shopping (both thrift store, and grocery), and I found us a (new-to-us) couch! It's much comfier than the old one, and we like it ;)
Sunday: Lazy morning. We took naps, and watched new episodes of Vikings. In the afternoon I (Adam stayed home and napped) went over to Wesley and Claire's, where they were having yet another cookout. The whole family was there, plus Kelly. We had lots of fun, despite it being H O T. Right before I left, another  out-of-state, long-time family friend (who is staying at mom and dad's for a couple days), Gillian, arrived. 
So yeahhhh, not a whole lot of pictures, because, as I said,  busy, busy. 
Now. I'm off to wash dishes, read books, wash laundry, water plants, and take a nice long walk. 
Have a lovely Monday! 


  1. A great but busy weekend! Beautiful girlies!

    1. It was a great weekend! Time spent with family is the best, isn't it? And yes, I think they're pretty good looking too ;)


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