after the weekend: visitors, hiking, cookout, and swimming.

We had such a fun weekend! 
Saturday we went to the library book sale, before I started work. While I was at work Adam and Adri went to the store for more book shelves, and then came home and Adam put one together. Shortly after I was done with work, Julie and Chad showed up. We ate pizza and the guys built more book shelves.
On Sunday we went to the local nature center for a picnic. We had a cookout, and then went for a hike. We ended up at the river, and spent a few hours splashing in the water. Adri wanted nothing to do with the water, and just stayed on the bank, the whole time! 

New bedroom arrangement. More pictures at some point soon! 

Above: dinner the other night.
Below: too hot to eat anything else for lunch.

Adri and me, on Saturday, watching the town parade outside our windows.

Sunday: picnic time!

Cool trees, on our hike.

Favorite people.

Mah man :)

Our garden looks so good! 

Now it's Monday. Back to real, and busy, life.
Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Awesome! Youre soo blessed to have good friends like that! Your pictures look beautiful and I love your bedroom! New book shelves are always a great thing!:)

    1. Christina, I know! Good friends are such a wonderful thing, aren't they? And the books shelves are clearing up books that are just sitting on the floor, and I'm sooooo happy! lol

  2. Hey! That pictures of you and Adam came out really good! I'm blown away, over here.
    Missing you all!

    1. I liked it too! Thought it was dud, at first, but nope! lol
      Miss you too! It was so nice to see you guys :)
      Love you. oxoxoox


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