after the weekend: rain, sewing, cleaning, and (as always) baby.

The weekend flew by! I can't believe it's already Monday, again. I really need to get out there for our walk (looks like it's planning on raining today. It pretty much rained all weekend).

Okay, so the weekend.

Friday: I spent all day thinking it was Saturday. Yup, you heard me right. all. day. long. I guess I was more tired than I thought ;)
Seeing I thought it was Saturday, we missed storytime at the library. yeahhhh. #momfail

Wesley, Claire and their littles came over in the afternoon, and we all had dinner together, and hung out. Adri loves playing with her cousins.

Saturday morning cartoons. 

Saturday: Adam had to work Saturday. I ended up doing a lot of deep cleaning in the house (see pictures below), and sewed a new curtain for the bedroom closet doorway. Adam got home, I made a pizza, we watched a movie, and then he fell asleep early (long week). So of course Adri and I then took ourselves over the Auntie Julia's to visit. The little sisters were there, and Adri promptly took a nap on Aimaja's lap.

Sunday: we slept in. Got up late, and Adri and rushed to church (Adam stayed home), came back, and Wesley and Claire came over (this time sans children) to visit. We watched a movie, visited, and ate a ton of food. 

Okay, there is is. Our weekend.
Now Wesley and Claire are heading out tomorrow to a family reunion in Pennsylvania, and all the visiting will slow up for a bit.

Today: Now it's back to Monday, and ordinary life. I've got dishes to wash, a walk to take, plants to water, dinner to plan, and baby to bathe. Just the same old, same old ;)

Happy Monday!

p.s. I have discovered Loki! He's currently hiding under a porch behind our building. I'm now just trying to figure out a way to catch him (he's not coming when called...).

Oh, and Blogger seems to have messed up all my pictures, and they are not centered...thanks, Blogger, for giving me yet another reason to self-host....


  1. That's a great co-sleeper! Did you guus build it yourself?

    1. Hi Emily,
      No, it's actually my mom's , and it's made it's way through the family! My mom used it for four of the ten children, and then Claire used it, and now I am!
      I'm not even sure where she got it.


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