10 Ways To Start Your Morning Out Right.

As I have said before, I'm a morning person. I love mornings. However, I also believe that the trick to enjoying mornings are starting them right.

Here my little list of ways I have found that make rising early go more smoothly.

1. The night before, tidy up. Unless the baby falls asleep around 1:00am (not kidding, this has happened before!), I try really hard to at least pick things up, and have the dishes washed.

2. First thing in the morning drink a big glass of water. After a night's sleep we are often dehydrated, and need our water.

3. Caffeine. For me it's my morning cup of coffee, for others it might be tea. It's the first thing I run for, after drinking my water.

4. Check my phone. I quickly check my texts, email, and social media accounts. That way I know if there is anything that needs immediate attention. I know many people speak against this. They feel that you should wait to use electronic devises, and not use them immediately. I'm someone that would go nuts not making sure (quickly) all was in order.

5. Take a moment to relax, meditate, enjoy the calm. Every day is a busy one for me. I love to just take 15 minutes, and enjoy the morning moments. Not rushed, or in a hurry. I like to just sit, and relax before starting my day.

6. Exercise. I've been trying really hard to get out right away and walk. It start my blood pumping, and it's just plain great to get some sunshine right away.

7. Get dressed. I wait until after my walk, but if I'm not walking (if so, then I'll wait until afterwards), I take my shower and get dressed right away.

8. Play some good music. It's amazing how music can set a mood. In the mornings I like to listen to some relaxing classical music (just my preference). However, now that I have a wee one, it's more likely that we're listening to Elizabeth Mitchell, or some other children's music.

9. Eat breakfast. This is a BIG one. I used to never eat breakfast, and have since realized it really is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to eat some protein too--not just sugar, or carbs. A donut is not breakfast. Toast and eggs, or eggs and bacon or granola, fruit and yogurt are.

10. Pace yourself. With so much in my life always changing (I used to get up at 4:30am to milk cows every morning, and now wake up at 7:00am with my baby) the biggest thing I've found to make a morning go smoothly is to just plain pace yourself. There's no deadline. If you get up at 4:00am or if you get up at 10:00am, it's still the morning. Just start at the beginning and take it slow.

How about you guys? Are you morning or night people? And do you have any other tips to add to the list?


  1. This is a little off topic, but I've just started reading The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery. In the introduction, she includes a beautiful poem called "Out in the fields with God", and mentions that it had been sent to her by Julie Ryan of Connecticut. It instantly occurred to me it must be your Mama, as it's just the sort of poetry that she'd love. Just thought I'd share.

    1. Anna, yes, that is her! lol And we love TEoCL! It's so full of good ideas, tip, and how-tos, isn't it? I remember pouring over it when I was little!

  2. i love mornings and get up quiet early...I pray, then i knit for a while..Its so peaceful,i simply love it..


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