these days.

Lately these days have been filled to the brim. I feel like I'm drinking up as much of Spring just as fast as I can, and it's keeping me very busy. 
Now that Adri is walking she's really keeping me on my toes. It's like she suddenly grew up, and I'm not really sure what to do! 
The weather has been so off and on lately too. One moment it's nice and sunny, and the next it's wet and rainy. So unpredictable. We still try to get our walk in every day, but on some days we have just narrowly missed getting poured on! (if you follow on Snapchat you'll have seen our adventures!).

Anyway, today looks like it's planning on being really nice out. The sun is trying to break through the clouds. 
We are going to head out on our walk in a few minutes. I have work, later this afternoon. While I'm at work Adam will take Adri and go up to Wesleytown to tend to the tomatoes. Later I'm making pizza, and we are going to watch In The Heart Of The Sea {I'm so excited. I've been waiting to see it+Chris Hemsworth ;)}. So, there's our day, in a nutshell.

the photos:
/I love that little one//rosemary on the sill//those blue eyes//kitty takes up all the space, all the time//smiling for the camera//afternoon snack//off to run errands on Wednesday, baby fell sound asleep//a couple photos from our morning walk//the green beans are up in the garden//my little pal, checking the plants with me/


  1. Love all the books,plants (my rosemary grows outside) chubby cheeks and smiles!:)

    1. Hi Christina!
      I wanted to plant my rosemary outside (they like the sun, and dirt so much better than pots), but I'd have to plant it at our garden up at my mom and dad's--and then I wouldn't have it for cooking, when I needed it, lol! I made that mistake with my thyme, and now I never have it for cooking!


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