Taking Stock. 6-23-2016.

  • Outside my window: the town is not yet awake. A few cars are driving by, but otherwise all is pretty quiet.
  • Thankful for: these last few days of lovely, hot weather. It's been so nice out.
  • In the kitchen: hmmm, nothing? I'm totally planning on having Adam get a pizza, or something for dinner.
  • Wearing: jeans and tee shirt. Yeah, pretty boring today...
  • Creating: all sorts of scenarios in my head of wisdom teeth pulling gone wrong. Huh, Rosie, turn your brain off...
  • I am going: to the oral surgeon in a bit to have said teeth pulled out. So, yeah, busy day! 
  • I am wondering: if this means I get to have as much ice cream as I want, guilt free?
  • Reading: Me Before You (by Jojo Moyes). I plan on reading the book, before watching the movie.
  • I am looking forward to: having these troublesome teeth out, finishing my book, ice cream, July 4th, some swimming, and a lazy weekend.
  • Listening: to my favorite Pandora station. Bound To You.
  • Around the house: everything is clean, clean, clean! I spent all yesterday morning making sure all was in order, so only baby needs looking after. 
  • Pondering: about my poor laptop. It seems to be reaching a rather slow death. I really have needed a new one for a while anyway, but both my hatred of new devices, and my bank account have argued against buying a new one. Sigh. Whatever shall I do? 
  • Looking at: the photos below, taken up at Wesleytown, yesterday.
  • Watching: I just watched Joy (with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper), and it was good. I liked it a lot. I'm not a huge fan of Jen, but I liked her in this, oh, and American Hustle.


  1. Oh Rosie! Wish i was there to help you! Im sure youll have lots of help;). Dont worry about your wisdom teeth proceedure. Ive had it done. Its a bit scary,but they put you out,and when you wake up,its over. Guilt free icecream? Yes!:) Youll need pain pills too. Take it easy. Ill be thinking of you!


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